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psychologist : Good day. What is your problem ?
me : I have a boost problem on The Fediverse
psychologist : Cool, what instance are you using ?

Had a nice little late night jaunt on Bandcamp. If anyone's interested in what I bought, my albums are listed at

When I get hope, I'm doing a Bandcamp.
If their servers are back up.


We are now approved as an organization on github sponsors:

We only have mirrors of our repositories on github, but if using github sponsors is a convenient way to donate to projects for you, feel free to use this.

The funds will be contributed to our #opencollective without any additional fees.

You can also find other options to donate here

crazy doctor βœ”
sweeping floor βœ”
hand washing βœ”βœ”
daily crazy med βœ”

- get out of bed again
- install nvidia drivers (fingers crossed for me)
- install steam
- try not to end up in bed again
- cook lunch
- eat lunch
- play games

wish me luck 🀞🏽

Hello FridayπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Self-isolating in Scotland

If you like music and want to help us eat food, you can also grab some of my music -- Bandcamp is temporarily giving all proceeds to creators in the crisis!

Thank you to everyone just talking about random interesting stuff and posting nice looking pictures!

OMG! You guys are SO crazy! Orders coming in from anywhere every minute. 😍 Join in, place your order today and support us 100 %! The awesome dudes from #bandcamp waive their fees today to support musicians during the Covid-19 pandemic. πŸ™ While we’re oping another stack of CDs, you can listen to the album in full length: #lsdj #gameboy #music #release #bitpop

Even when Bandcamp are not waiving their fees it is a far better deal for musicians than any of the other online stores and streaming services. We should all make an effort to buy music and merch from there when possible

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Stegosaurus is off somewhere else but he and the raptor are now repaired and out with the proud patents `

If you don't greet your plants each morning with "Hey, hows it growing" then are you truely living?

I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s way easier to give out things universally and means test with tax policy after the fact than it is to means test every individual policy while not changing taxes

I've now officially started a subscription to #NewsBlur and #TheGoodCloud !

NewsBlur is a online RSS feed so that you can have the same RSS feed on several devices and is suuuper good! is a nextcloud instance that does cloud storage from the netherlands without collecting your private information!

It's all opensource as well! 😁

#libresoftware #opensource #linux #nextcloud #tech #RSS #feed #foss #floss #libre #libreculture

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