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Wow #Misskey project is very active lately. Have to check out all the new development. Keep up the good work @syuilo 🌟 🌟

The has forked Signal and removed phone numbers and renamed it #Session

If you want to try it out feel free to message me. My Session id is '05803f4a74061fcb143b68ceba9b4bde580c1a193cb8cc421bfe03164d0728d558'

The number of accounts created per hour in fediverse has increased 2x. Is something happening?
There's also a large peak on 10th February.

I hate printers on Linux. Even HP ones give me hell.

Have to remember that Mastodon now has a bookmark feature. There where times that i would favourite things just to make easier to find...gotta break that habit...

I am a content creator that has experience in business ownership, foreign languages, graphic design, logo design, story writing, spreadsheet editing, video editing, song production, and creating ideas. I've used several tools in the past to create my content, and I currently use open source software as opposed to proprietary software in order to show my support for the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) movement.

TIL Scribus release their beta version as an AppImage. It seems to work well on Manjaro .

"What does it mean to live in a tower of gold, if it's built on an island of shit?"
Damn, such a good song! #Music

Twitter needs to stop pressuring users to add their phone numbers to their profiles and stop making those phone numbers discoverable by default.

Currently in a #MicrosoftTeams meeting with some co-workers for a project....on my #OpenBSD work laptop! 🐡 👍 #runbsd

If you're interested in computers, programming etc in a relaxed and friendly environment consider joining Mastodon.Technology, a well-moderated instance in the Fediverse on this first #MastoMonday

#Fediverse #Tech #Technology #Programming

Given the overwhelming positive response to my first exclusive video, I very excited to get working on more.

I really appreciate the kind words folks. It truly means a lot.

For those of you who didn't know, my exclusives can be found @fediversal

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