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@ChrisWere @fediversal Great vid. I appreciate you going Fedi, I'm trying to get off yutube so I think it is valuable to have content there. Eventually I intend on leaving youtube (one day, its hard as learning python to get the info I want is there...) so if you didn't have vids elsewhere I may not find them.. :) :) :) :)

Instagram artist royalty_now_ creates portraits of what historical figures would look like if they were alive today.


Hi there, just dropping by to say that I really love your content!
I'm relatively new to all this fediverse concept and your rambling videos help me understand this community a lot :)

Any PCLINUXOS users here?

What do you love about your OS?

@ChrisWere @fediversal Just watched the vid Chris and I agree with the "federated networks only need to be big enough to be sustainable" though I feel that any alternatives to the monopolistic nature of our social mediaverse is good competition and needed competition. Life always finds a way!

My first exclusive video on my PeerTube exclusive channel @fediversal

The Fediverse after three years - Welcome to Fediversal Studios

How anyone at all is surprised that Microsoft has been siphoning data at literally every layer of Windows is completely beyond me when the writing has been on the wall for a decade.

Everything is connected, everything is monetized, everything is free, everyone knows why.

Oops except it's bad now!

What game shall I play on today's stream?
Multiple choices are allowed.

DeltaChat, a #free, #selfhosted, #opensource chat based on the backbone of email, and imap.
It, of course runs on #Linux, but is cross platform for #macos, #windows, #ios, #android, and offers full end-to-end #encryption.

Thanks to @ChrisWere for his original video pointing me to this great piece of software.


one of my main demands when picking new apps/tools: something that stores information in a format that is easily exported.

which is why i stick to using the todo.txt format, for example, even though there are some pretty cool tasks apps out there.

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I finally got my mum and my sister to start using Signal, which means I can *FINALLY* fully delete my FB account! :da_w00t:

I've had it deactivated for a long while now, so I could continue to use Messenger to chat with them both. Now I'm free to finally be rid of it. :da_boogie:

Good riddance to bad rubbish! :da_ahoy: #DeleteFacebook

Chrome will block video ads that “people find to be particularly disruptive". Conveniently enough, YouTube ads are not so disruptive, so they most probably won't be touched.

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others"

Use Firefox

Thinking of spending a little time using #KDE #Neon #Linux for a while. I've been using KDE Manjaro for quite some time and it's fantastic, but a little variety and investigation is always a good thing.

Impression in the first five minutes is that Discover looks a lot nicer than last time I used it. Clean and clear.

Website data leaks pose greater risks than most people realize:
»In less than 10 seconds she produced a dataset with more than 1,000 people who have high net worth, are married, have children, and also have a username or password on a cheating website.«

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