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I am seriously on...

Telegram, whatsapp, signal, xmpp, wire, skype, matrix, Tox, Jami, Steam, Battle net, Discord

Twitter, Mastodon, Reddit, keybase

but since I decided that Facebook was not an option, apparently I am uncontactable by certain people

I just installed Manjaro, and wow I'm impressed! I did the Architect install, so I got to customize everything to my liking. It picked up on my Nvidia GPU and installed the drivers for it. Everything seems to work great with my hardware. I've been through a half dozen OSes on that one computer in the last couple of weeks, but I think this one might stick!

Ugh, still getting random WIFI disconnections on Ubuntu MATE 19.04.

The Ubuntu distros don't work with my WIFI and Arch distros don't work with my printer.

Pretty frustrated right now tbh.

I was on the last podcast. It's a good-un!

.XPenguin - Xwere and some rambling

Does anyone else running Ubuntu MATE or Xubuntu 19.04 find their WIFI randomly cutting out?

Hi folks, I'm about to be on @HexDSL 's penguin show. Come and join us,

I find it quite frustrating that still can't handle my HP Laserjet 1018 reliably, where as and based distros have no problems whatsoever.

I'm gonna switch the laptop back out to Ubuntu MATE I think.

Hi @omnipotens, is possibly interested in contributing some content to the Peertube. I'm hoping you might be able to answer any questions he might have.

Hi folks, I'm going to be streaming a little more Neon Struct if anyone wants to hang out.



What game should I stream tonight?

Hmm, I lost 6 subscribers throughout the course of my YouTube stream today.

Not entirely sure why. I seem to recall saying he had a similar issue streaming to YouTube if I remember correctly.

Not sure if it's because streaming switches people off, or it's just a YouTube bug.

Thanks to everyone who joined my Hitmanβ„’ 2 stream today. It's was a hoot!

I'm going to be streaming a game shortly. Any thoughts on which game I should play?

Question of the day: why's James cryin'? 

I'm really saddened to see how many of my friends have left the in recent months, mostly due to various dramas.

Honestly, if I wasn't on a pretty terrific instance I'd have joined them too.

Thanks to everyone who joined me on tonight's stream, it's been a hoot.

If you have the option, is definitely worth a look, especially if you're into your .



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