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Just uploaded to GitHub the beta version of the Users Manual for the upcoming point release.

Sections 1-3 have been completely adjusted to MX-18, though a few formatting problems remain.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the review process!

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German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook's Whole Ad Business

Some good news to kick off the weekend with.


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I have a feeling that only one of the following will happen this weekend:

1. #Scotland will beat #Ireland in the #6Nations
2. #Pixelfed version 0.8.0 will be pushed

.. I hope both happen. and that I'm wrong.. but if it's only going to be one, then please let it be #1 🏴​
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I don’t want to get people too excited, but my email letting FOSDEM know about those conference videos I’m posting on PeerTube has started a positive discussion on their mailing lists about possibly supporting the platform. 🤩

I will continue uploading as planned for now as it may not happen, and even if it does there’s still value in not having to manually sift through every video yourself to find the good ones. 👍

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I’m a wee bit frustrated, you’d think decentralised encrypted messaging would be a thing by now. For joe public no brainer setup

Everyone seems to be using telegram and signal, I’m trying to get everyone I know on wire but it still doesn’t feel ideal. Signal is a terrible app to use, killed Libresignal, quite ugly, telegram doesn’t encrypt by default, and all are centralised.

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I'm quite happy with @Tutanota - and they seem pretty active here.

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Since it's I'd like to give a shout-out to the companies and groups who think the is worth their time.


Feel free to reply with any glaring omissions.

Also big shout-out to @popey for kicking off Ubuntu's new community instance

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Chris Were :manjaro: :mxlinux: boosted needs more love from gamers. Including, it pains me to say, the linux gaming community. does everything linux gamers want. A quality open source client, treats devs and players with respect and generally acts as a moral company should. Still it gets ignored.

Also, this thread shows they have the right business attitude. No need to go all out with "we're gonna compete with Steam and be a big boy killer". That way makes failure inevitable

@popey An instance! That's very fancy and pretty exciting too.

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I hope that @Purism is able to produce consumer-grade laptops and devices that run the whole gambit on free tech. They're still a bit pricey for me to suggest to people but I'm eager to get the phone and laptop to build stuff for people.

I'd actually _REALLY_ love to do that.

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