Thanks everyone for joining me on tonight's stream!

@alex They're not really my jam. I think the only consoles I've really played on are PS2 and XBOX.

I'm going to give multi-streaming to Mixer and DLive another go too. Here's the full list of where I'll be streaming.





What game should I stream tonight?

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What are your Distributions?. My ones are at the Moment :popos: and :kdeneon: :)).

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I've just been reminded by @BradleySmall that the wiki is the "Have you tried turning it off and on?" of .

Always go there first. Just always.

I'll learn eventually. 😀

@manulfk @hund @Linux Well, you chaps have clearly made superior consumer choices than myself. lol

@Linux @hund To be fair, I don't know how much use you'll get out of the battery after three years of use anyhow.

Perhaps since smart phones aren't the hot new thing anymore, they're less of a status symbol these days.

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There are a couple of free open Notes / ToDo apps you can follow on the Fediverse:



(This came up in another thread, thought it was worth repeating in a post.)

#Alternatives #ToDo #Notes

@tzycce When it comes down to privacy, federalised systems tends to be at a disadvantage.

I think that's why Signal is built the way that it is.

Shouldn't have listened to this before bed, now I'll never sleep.

Thanks to everyone who joined me on tonight's stream. It was a hoot!

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I hate that google calls standard IMAP auth “less secure” while simultaneously being restrictive about who is allowed to use their OAuth login. They make life harder for our users and tell them there is something wrong with our security model when really the issue is bureaucracy

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My friend said he didn't understand cloning.

I said, "That makes two of us!"

Still grumbling about YouTube 

Still grumbling about YouTube 

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