So I’ve unfortunately become aware of the latest right wing grift: the freedom phone and just..

In other news, I'm giving FreeBSD a go on my home machines. I have it installed on a spare hard drive in my gaming PC, and I'm planning to install it on my spare laptop too.

It's still early days, but so far my experience has been positive. XFCE and the Epiphany browser also seems to be an excellent combination. #UNIX

"When the previous team lead quits on a team of mid-level engineers"

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@jookia @Linux_in_a_Bit Oh gosh, the 2010 days of Kdenlive were horrendous.

FWIW, I find that the AppImage on the Kdenlive website doesn't crash for me.

One of the higher ups at work just came into my office to thank me for some of the work I've been doing over the past few weeks. That's nice of them.

"idk if this joke works in languages other than js"

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controversial opinion on video games 

u dont need to play the latest AAA games. u dont need the latest console / PC hardware.

There are literally thousands of brand new indie titles as well as older AAA titles you've probably missed that will run on lower spec hardware. Heck, modern AAA stuff often works fine on lower graphics settings.

There is no need to rush, these games will still be there a few years down the line, and a lot cheaper. Except online games ofc, but what can ya do

Everyone welcome ShareTUBE's newest contributor @unfa
Give 'em a follow!

"If it's stupid, but it works, is it really stupid?"

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@nergal @Linux_in_a_Bit @alex @stux I'm WillW agnostic, but what happened to him looked a lot like bullying/dog-piling.

Drama flares up on the Fedi from time to time. Same as the other networks, same as work, same as school, same as everywhere else.

If you want a social network free of drama, you're best off setting up a single-user-instance and not federating with anyone, lol.

As someone who's been here for a good number of years, I can tell you, mutes and filters are your friends.

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