Leaked video of WhatsApp trying to make an actually private messenger



@julialuna there is no sound in space because astronauts only use linux

anyone able to hook me up with one of the "good" torrent trackers?

totally long & boring ramble about nothing 

And it's a simple quote, but I like it & I think it holds an important philosophy regarding computing in general...

There are paradigms in computer science that we don't understand due to our inexperience with certain concepts.

We can create visual mnemonics to help us understand things (instead of something stupidly complex like "an index in a storage unit that contains special bytes of data that represent characters" we just say "dat file has da words in it")

But such a mnemonic is harder to make for more complicated structures (call/cc, tail-end recursion, pointers)

but even though these things aren't immediately understandable, they only require a very minimal amount of usage before you understand them and think "well of course".

I think chris webber was just talking about this sort of thing regarding ActivityPub, where nobody understood it, but when people actually started using it, /everybody/ understood it and it was just the norm!

and it got me excited to find out just how many more /totally obscure/ paradigms are out there, that make no sense, but for some reason make using computers so much more fun!

Really helps lower the levels of sadness & existential dread, knowing how cool the world is, sometimes. (I'm not high; I just got carried away)

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@abri You can subscribe to it through gemini. That's the only way though.

Faux meat 

Impossible burger was on sale so I picked up a couple packages of it. Making tacos as a first attempt cooking with it.

Putting pointless things online - Web, Gemini, Scrobble, Wallpaper (Anti-content) share.tube/videos/watch/292cb8

A new gemcast (podcast) is up on my capsule: the importance of decentralised communication.



@protonmail has compared a number of Whatsapp messenger alternatives..


It might help you in making a decision, though some candidates like #briar are still missing in the overview.

Also an app like #signal has made some dubious product changes, to diversify into cryptocurrency support that may make your choice harder. It is centralized too.

I have #matrix on the top of my own list currently, but haven't advocated it yet to my family.

See also: github.com/adeekshith/watomati

Me: "I'm so glad that two factor authentication is based on consistent open standards so we don't have to put up with some bullshit proprietary centralization of it."

Duo: *exists*

Me: "Darn"

@john_smith_63 Thanks, that's really kind of you to say. I'm really enjoying making them.

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