Three years ago I was making iOS applications
Two years ago ago Apple broke all my iOS apps with one of their pointless updates.
Then I installed Linux
Then I learnt 6502 assembly
Then I learnt scheme
Then I learnt pascal
Then my Macbook died
Then I started learning C
Then I installed Plan9.

Funny how things work out

Apple reducing competition. They could’ve just… used the API or even negotiated a better deal w/Dark Sky.

But no, they bought it to deeply integrate w/their own apps AND shut down web, Android, & competing API clients—ensuring only Apple can provide the data to only Apple users


RIP Dark Sky for Android 😭


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I don't know why I'm listening to this, but it's an absolute hoot!

In The Hall Of The Mountain King | Epic Trailer Version

Hi all, Tommy here. I am a Linux user now for several years and loving it. I look forward to being a part of this great instance.

Me: *Creating a gtk ui with rust for Basic functionality already working* right now: "this instance will be shutting down on September 1st."

@matt You're not the only one. I prefer grown-up computers too.

I know I am not alone in saying that I have read dozens of nearly identical posts from developers over the past two decades. If you are not emotionally prepared for the responsibilities of managing a growing community, then please rethink the launch of your passion project. Dumping your 35K users when things get tough is not a strategy. It's why people become reluctant to invest in new platforms or instances. /rant #invidious

@immychan It's a solid tool. I've found it very useful at times, myself.

I know it's really out of date but to be honest I find PlayOnLinux really convenient to manage wine bottles is shutting down as of September 1st. If you have an account there, you'd best migrate to another instance before the month is out:
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