It seems like you've made a post about enjoying something.

Be a shame if someone... Replied with the sole intention of expressing their contrary opinion at you...

Although English is listed as an official language in almost a third of the world's countries, the UK isn’t one of them.

#TIL about, a rendering of Open Street Map tweaked to be helpful for cyclists. It includes icons for cycle sales and repair shops.

I know nobody cares, but there's still something deeply embarrassing about returning to the same shop 30 minutes later because I failed at the task of 'go to shop' the first time.

New videos coming soon. Just taking care of some IRL things.

In the meantime, I've experimented a bit with Ardour to record my vocals on some beats. Haven't recorded music since my Windows days (Adobe Audition 3.0), so please forgive the amateur sound.

What would you rate it on a scale of OS's?

@HexDSL @popey Well, mine is that I use Mint and AppImages and I managed to stretch that out for 25 minutes. lol

had a nightmare that I was reinstalling Linux on my laptop but I somehow fucked up and installed MacOS instead

This is my #Linux Desktop "Workflow". Nobody asked for this, but inspired by a recent @ChrisWere video where he showed his Linux desktop.

@tomasino Thanks!

Yeah, I've really come to appreciate the amount of control AppImages give you.

@Ayior Twitter profits from forcing user engagement. The Fediverse is completely agnostic to it.

I don't know if it's algorithmic, or rather just the types of people and behaviour corporate platforms attract and encourage.

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Birbsite rant 

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