You heard it here first. 33 continues the trend of working out-of-the-box on the :)

@hund @brian Would you say QtWebEngine is 'based on' Blink?

Also, how do you feel about the software ethics of QtWebEngine vs the ethics of Firefox/Gecko?

Just deleted (or rather started the deletion process of) my Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Haven't used them in over a month and I've decided I don't want to have my data with these guys any longer.

More multiplayer Wesnoth (and lots of banter and carry on) in half an hour with @ChrisWere @olivia @uoou and more!

looking under my desk like:

it's all cables??


always have been

I wonder why syncthing-gtk has not been included in the latest version of Ubuntu distros. It's in 20.04.

Good video by Linux Lounge advocating Debian for desktop use. If you're looking for a less-corporate Ubuntu, it could be a nice option. Certainly has me tempted.

"Why I Switched To Debian (And Why You Should Too!)"

A little dictionary script I made for myself. Might be useful to others.

Not well written! Doesn't check anything!

Uses the dict:// protocol to look the word up and spit out the definitions, prettied up a little for readability. If the word's not found (i.e. most likely a misspelling), it falls back to a fuzzy find on the aspell dictionary.

Defaults to the *excellent* Webster 1913 dictionary.

Needs: fzf and aspell with an installed dictionary.

I wonder why more people don't do this as a fun alternative. Maybe not in their main home, but in smaller shelters, sheds or #cabins etc...

Maybe without the remote door lock (which may fail) with the tap as a handle, but a regular handle and the rest of the door made to look just like the siding

Using Schildi Chat on mobile for Matrix now instead of Element. I feel like it has a nicer and slightly more responsive UI.
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