animation is incredible. It's an amazing piece of software.

I've been using GNOME without extensions for the past 2 months. I guess it's not that bad.

@rlaska @twosecslater @chriswere I do like Invidious, but I have mixed feeling about it from a creator point-of-view.

There is a Bethesda sale on GOG!

Older games, and perfect for people who want to play these games, but with open source engines and need the data files.

This is a list of gaming history with Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake series, original and 3D fallout games and Elder Scrolls (sans Skyrim)

#GOG #DRMfree #Bethesda #sale #games #GamingHistory

@rlaska Thanks, that's really nice of you to say. Good to see you in the .

If you're interested, my videos also go up on @chriswere

0ad really is a amazing open source strategy game that not many people play.... which is why wrote another song with lyrics surrounding the idea of said topic yesterday to be released within hours, took only about a hour to write, finish, with recording this one, less then the average 2 hours i usually spend to create a song start to finish.

from my old laptop.

It's very outdated, but it still works fine for college stuff on the go + testing Linux distros on crappy hardware.

I need to do some major file reorganizing and felt nostalgic for a double pane file browser. I found this little gem and am just playing with it. It seems to work really well on Ubuntu Mate.

I offer my almost completely untouched ArcoLinux for . I haven't done anything you make it fancy so far, but I've been enjoying it! πŸ™‚

@hund I expect there are nicer clients out there, but I ended up going with gnome-twitch since it was in the Manjaro repos.

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