I'm quite thrilled to see my website hit over 100,000 views.


No ads, no trackers, no images; just HTML and CSS all done by hand.

I honestly don't see why people get all giddy about frameworks and fancy effects when they only waste resources and get in the way.

For my I'm showing off my new 18.10 install.

It's running the Arc Darker theme with the Obsidian icon set.

Here are a few screenshots of Castle Village in . It's really coming along a treat!

Big shout out to everyone who joined in and/or watched on livestream!

was a lot of fun tonight. Here's a screenshot of our fledgling kingdom.

Scratch_OS's place is on the left, Sudoshred's is the little house on the right, mine's castle.

The latest from my little house over on the Red Cat creative server. Since I haven't changed my desktop theme I guess we can call this my .


Thanks to @benrob0329@mastodon.art and @benrob0329 (on Share.tube) for the recommendation.

Dear @omnipotens @hund @G_Dog1985 and all other to whom it may concern,

I would like to file an application for a new custom emoji for our fine instance.

Attached is a 112x112 PNG of a Nokia 3310 (with branding removed). I'm of the opinion this is a fine piece of technology and is sympathetic to some of the values our community holds dear.

I patiently await the wisdom of your decision.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Were, Esq


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..