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I completely forgot how good old-school Simpsons was. They were really on-point with this one.

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Ugh, why am I watching videos of penguins slapping about instead of doing my work?!

Really loving MX Linux :mxlinux: on my Triton laptop. It just works a treat; runs fast, smoothly and the Flatpak apps from Flathub run perfectly.

I completed my first elusive contract on ™ 2. Not a bad time, not a bad score, but I'm surprised there were over 800 people who did better than me.

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I'm so chuffed with that HITMAN™ 2 ranking. Nearing the top of a rather long list from a trending contract.

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So it looks like Hitman™ 2 is not only perfectly playable on with + Steam Play, but also a right good game!

I like how they've retouched all the ™ levels. It's not a complete overhaul, but it's a nice upgrade.

I'll try and see how it streams at some point soon.

I'm giving :linuxmint: Debian edition with the Cinnamon desktop a go on my Triton laptop. So far I'm really impressed.

I've been fixing up this old Advent 5311 laptop and I must say that MX Linux run really well on it.

It didn't even take that much setting up and it even selected the vesa drivers to handle that silly old SIS S3 graphics chipset. I couldn't be more impressed with it right now.

I think this one has to be one of my favourite shields of all time. Hail the Lord of Turnips!

Aw dang. I was researching a video today covering some weird and wonderful heraldic shields, but unfortunately it didn't amount to much more than a slideshow, so I had to shelve it. Here are some of the stills though, some of them are quite interesting I thought.

Not a very exciting from me, just a vanilla desktop with Gnome. I really quite like Ubuntu's default theme.

Another rather mundane from me, I'm afraid. Just a change of background wallpaper for this week.

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