If I were to do a exclusive channel. Would you folks be okay with 480p or is that too low for you?

It's in mind of using system resources and storage responsibly, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

@ChrisWere Hmm, I'm torn. It kind of depends what the video is like. If there isn't much text that needs to be read then I think 480p could be ok.

@kelbot @ChrisWere I assume the videos will be produced with the resolution in mind, not just scaled down haphazardly.

@ChrisWere honestly, anything below 720p is unwatchable for me on a PC.
Appreciate being efficient but there’s things that can be done on the server and client end that solves those problems:
1) Rendering multiple versions of a video once.
3a) Encoding. Bad encoding can totally be worse than bigger resolution.
2) Client selecting appropriate video quality for viewing.
3) Green and carbon positive data centres.

@0x6b @ChrisWere if is possible to encode to av1 fast, efficiency requirements may be met.

@0x6b @ChrisWere yeah 720p is pretty much where I would land as well. But if it's good content and good reviews, I'd probably still watch lower res.

@0x6b @ChrisWere
I mean, you can take 4k and crunch it down to 200 kbps with h.265. As long as there isn't much motion (e.g. sitting/standing and taking,, non-gaming screencasts), it'll look ok.

The problem is that most video services (chiefly) YouTube re-compresses everything, and I think they use their transcoded version, even if it's larger.

@ChrisWere if some kind of dithering or even 1-bit color could be used I'd be very happy with non-HD. Usually it's just the connotation of high-blur, high-blockiness that gets me with sub-HD though, so personally I'd happily check it out. IMO it's an interesting topic too.

@ChrisWere i used to watch YouTube on 360p and sometimes 480p.

Always watch everything on my phone

@ChrisWere don’t forget that Bitcoin and Chia mining, Tik Tok and Printer Ink DRM still exists.
From an efficiency standpoint, 720p video is hardly the hill I’d be willing to die on.

@0x6b This is a fair point. It's really for of a statement that an actually effort.

480p is the minimum standard for me to watch videos. It should be okay.

480p is underrated

480p has much smaller files sizes saving server cost

it uses far less network bandwidth making it way easier for people who have slower connections to watch

and 480p also has better scalability with more modern screen resolutions compared to 720p meaning it would look pixely but not smerey

(scaling for 480p: 1080p = 2x, 1440p = 3x, and 2160p = 4x)
(scaling for 720p: 1080p = 1.5x, 1440p = 2x, 2160p = 3x)

480p's main drawback is text readability tho. So if the games you are going to be playing involves a lot of text you should use 720p otherwise 480p

@ChrisWere I think it depends on the games. I can see this being a good idea retro games for example, but have a hard time imagining it for current esport or AAA titles. When an esport vod runs in 720 for example it’s sometimes impossible to see what’s going on, no matter how well I know the game

@ChrisWere Though if u do 720p people could seed the videos in the background with some web torrent program but coukdnt find one i like o:

@ChrisWere Honestly, to modern PCs 720p is trivial to decode and barely uses any power. If you have a processor from the last, i'd say, 8 years, 720p is probably no big deal to it, especially in terms of wattage.

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