I don't know who needs to hear this but: asking for help is a social skill, and one worth learning.
One in which quite a few outgoing people struggle with.

@ChrisWere but listen to someone needing help us important to learn too

@ChrisWere Reminds me of this short clip from an interview with Steve Jobs when he was at Next (and in a more humble period of his life):

@frank @ChrisWere It’s interesting how in a lot of ways it seems much harder to reach people now. Calling used to be such an effective way to communicate. Not so much anymore, unless they’re already expecting your call. It seems like the modern equivalent would be visiting them in person, oddly enough.

@robby That is interesting.
It's definitely something I struggle with.

@ChrisWere I've rather lost the ability to ask for help, with so many people telling me I need to be stronger and more independent

@OpenComputeDesign Same here. I've been made to think that asking for help is essentially "making it all about me".

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