I hope Joe Rogen doesn't decide to join .

Everybody, look boring and hide the elk meat!

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@selea I don't think so, but he's looking for somewhere other than Twitter to go.

We already have a celebrity. And we're quite happy with him.

@ChrisWere @selea given the fan base, I imagine he'd be drawn to Parler 😬

@oros @ChrisWere @selea that figures. I suppose Drumpf hasn't launched "Truth Social" yet.

@TrechNex @oros @ChrisWere

I dont even know what "gettr" is, but is it another one of those "free speech libertarian social networks"?

@selea @oros @ChrisWere indeed it is. The slogan for it is literally "The Marketplace of Ideas"

@TrechNex @selea @oros He's already been on Gettr and (surprise surprise) found out it's dodgy as heck.

@ChrisWere @selea If Joe or any other celeb of his sort want to find a fedi place it is well within their means to create their own server so they should do it that way. That way they can fully appreciate what it is to moderate their community and it would be considerate to all the other fedi admins out there who could then just silence or block said instance to contain the trash as they see fit. It isn't like there isn't already a number of instances that are already pretty insular out there.

There is also a good chance they would voluntarily isolate themselves. Joe's fans probably tend towards being insecure and emotionally fragile and would appreciate a space where they could safely be regressive without confrontation. Gab basically isolated themselves, and counter social, and I bet will not federate widely for long if they do at all since Trumpists really can't handle the truth.

@gmate8 No good would ever come from him being here and the kind of attention he would give this place.

@gmate8 Ok, it's not a totally serious point.

But that being said, it's not really about what he 'did', but rather the impact that he and his followers would have on the social community.

IE not a good one.

@ChrisWere maybe. But imo, it's good if the fediverse grows

@gmate8 All growth is not the same and not all growth is healthy.

If a million people join the Fediverse tomorrow, misunderstanding what it is and why we use it, it will become a worse place. In my opinion.

It could demoralise a number of people who've made the Fediverse what it is today. The short term growth could lead to collapse if it loses its foundational citizens.

If this place turns into Gab or Gettr, I'm so gone.

@ChrisWere @gmate8 Exactly. You want to expedite the demise of a system just flood it with the batshit crazy nonsense. It happens every time. Hell even the "muh freedomz" platforms the Trumpists setup like Gettr and Parler end up needed to have moderation of some sort. Even with that they are total dumpster fires compared to Twitter, Facebook, or the greater fediverse.

@ChrisWere I wouldn't be keen on it for the chaos it would cause. The thing with any large group shifting here is that I think it would bring more of a Twitter mentality to this sphere. I'd probably have to look into setting up my own server just to have better control of the situation if Rogan or some other person with a huge following migrated to the fediverse.

@ChrisWere @pennywhether You guys still talk about Mastodon as a central sphere, but as long as Joe Rogan and his followers don’t join your instance, there’s nothing to worry about. Sure, you might need to block some more federated accounts, but come on, do you fear your own laziness or what?

@frank @pennywhether
Maybe I'm not giving the strengths of decentralisation enough credit.

@frank @ChrisWere @pennywhether

I would way prefer Rogan to start a mastodon instance than encourage everyone to join some new centralized thing that won't federate.

His followers deserve liberation too!

The fediverse is for making things interoperable. It should be for all, even your enemies. You can always block or ban.

Not that Rogan is my enemy. He's mostly alright. I wish he'd start a podcast, but there seems to be nothing my RSS reader can subscribe to any more. 🀷

PS: You should definitely start your own server regardless. More the merrier. :)

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