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My wife loved to have a Apple computer.
So we got a nice iMac second hand.
At a certain point I couldn't update Firefox because it needed a whole new Mac OS for that...
So finally we got a new second hand one because it got really too slow. Too slow to do the things it always did before but I guess that's progress or something.
It was a great all-in-one pc, the type whee the screen is also the computer.

@ChrisWere But suddenly it couldn't get to the desktop or something. Don't remember exactly what didn't work.
At least it had a Linux like os so I was able to ssh into the Mac from my Linux pc.
After digging around in log files it turned out the graphics card was broken.
Ha! No problem. Let's get a new one, right?
No, wrong...
It was "obsolete" and we couldn't get replacements parts.

It almost as if they design them to be replaced either after a certain time.

@rghvdberg I've had that same exact issue, several times, with phones and Android.

It's the horrible state of things it seems.

@ChrisWere I've been using Photoshop since v6, but when they went to a subscription service I've been weaning myself off their products. The company's aggressive behavior and software only continues to get worse with time. My last holdout, Lightroom is being replaced by CaptureOne.

@ChrisWere Forget the #Adobe reader. It had its time when it was #Acrobat and not acquired by Adobe. Now under #Windows I may know #FoxReader might be a good choice, but I'm not sure. With #Linux, #XPDF was not always able to render the PDF correctly, but #Evince never let me down.

@ChrisWere I can't open Government forms with Adobe anymore because they killed Acrobat on Linux years ago. You have to know the exact url to download the old version since it's unfindable on their website now. Problem is the govt. only promotes using Adobe to open and fill the forms when there are alternatives for Linux. The digital divide is unintentionally supported by my own govt.

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