I just updated my list of useful software and web services.

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@ChrisWere noticed a typo. It says Battle for Wesnoth is a "stretegy game"

@ChrisWere Very nice, thanks very much! Bookmarked 🔖 🙂 Hey! That's fantastic, any notable additions?
You should have asked for some more suggestions. But I guess its your list

@chrono Suggestions are always welcome. It's an ever changing list.
are the two latest additions.

@ChrisWere Hey Chris are you sticking with Audacity? Noticed it's on your list. I haven't removed it yet, havent really looked into the alternatives, u?

@greg I'm still using an old version of it. I'll wait until a good fork surfaces.

But I've taken it off the links page, for safety reasons. Thanks for the reminder.

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