For anyone not in the know, me @HexDSL and @uoou have started a new podcast. It's available on




Is @trendytalk available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify?

Is it Dickens! We don't want those losers listening.

@ChrisWere @trendytalk
There's something to be said for reaching people who just. didn't. know. -- but you're so nice and soft-spoken, your arrogance was surely just affected!

@ChrisWere @trendytalk Trendy Talk is also already taken as a name on those platforms by, I don’t know, like a gazillion podcasts.

@ChrisWere @trendytalk And who are you calling a loser? You damned fashionista.

@frank I think we should call it the Joe Rogen Experience. Pretty sure that name's not taken.

@ChrisWere 😂 If it is taken, I’m pretty sure it won’t be soon

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