Oh my word. Someone's done a browser in bash and it's not terrible.

Also it's called Bollux.

@herag @ChrisWere it seems dd is used as a progress meter after a very quick look

@ChrisWere a gemini browser in 16k of shell script. And it's nice. Cwazy!

@ChrisWere oh dang, it uses less to show the files. I like that! I have always loved the idea of using a simple pager for webpages.

@ChrisWere Working on termux too, not too surprising tbh, but works nicely

@ChrisWere aaaaaaand there's a slackpkg! I'm in! Thank you for this and that dev gets mad respect for packaging it for my favorite distro!

@ChrisWere If only there was a terminal emulator called ScroTerm to run this in.

@ChrisWere Can I get some Screenshots? On iOS at the moment but very curious!

SourceHut seems to have many interesting stuff people wrote for fun as a frustration with things.
Don't be surprised if cure for cancer gets found in someone's repository in SourceHut.

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