@ChrisWere they are only able to track you by cookies though.

@nergal @ChrisWere >open private browsing tab
>read 8 articles
>close private tabs
>open private tab
>read another 8 articles
gets me every time
@nergal i have no idea what they are but i'll assume that dynamic/mobile ip, all not-anonymous data collection without a warrant is illegal here for ISPs, is good enough to not have this be a thing for me

and VPNs

@lebronjames75 it is great that the east is using law instead of promises to safeguard communication futures. what about the west? does the east use present fads? tiktok? facebook? researchgate?

@nergal don't worry our government is doing fantastic work at their attempts to dismantle our internet privacy laws
unironically it's the "we're not neo Nazis" people's conservatives party leading the charge against em too
I think the bill passed some time ago and just needs ratification or something next year or the year after, need to check on that shit again, it was a literal 'if you don't have anything to hide, you shouldn't have anything to worry about'
About to go from the most privacy friendly laws to USA tier, str8 up

@ChrisWere that sounds like a great way to get me to add a site to a network-wide block list.

@ChrisWere hold on, wait. Do you need to subscribe, pay, and still get ads?
Dang, sounds like a win-win (double win for them).

@ChrisWere I think they should just charge outright and stop with the bulllshit

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