@ChrisWere Neat, I'll be interested to check this out! I have some opinions about Sepia Search, and how it could improve, but overall I think it's a great start.


Thank you for a this very good video.
It's particularly complicated for us to make people understand that we don't want to compete with Youtube (and that we can't, by the way).
It's extremely pleasing to see that content creators have understood this!

Again: thanks!

@pyg That's not a bad idea for a video, in and of itself. Although I'm sure I've covered it quite a lot.


Oh, I wasn't asking for that! :)

It's just that I watched some of your videos and I liked how "balanced" your discourse is. (share.tube/videos/watch/06071f is a good exemple)

PeerTube will not be the perfect tool for everyone (and will never make coffee). Framasoft is not a startup (and do not intend to be). Youtube has some great advantages (unlimited space and bandwith, massive community, etc).
It's not a David vs Goliath drama movie, and it's pleasing to hear that in your video.

@ChrisWere This is a great resources.

However, just like youtube searches, it's overly broad, and I've found White Nationalist propaganda. I guess that's just what happens naturally with a big data set on the internet.

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