My darling girlfriend is trying her hand at putting together some gameplay videos. Give 'em a look
Also, videos are posted up here: @FantasyTea

Why don't you open an account on a PeerTube instance so we can see them there without our privacy being violated and being forced to use Google proprietary shit?

@arh Don't be a dick about it mate. No one's forcing you.

@ChrisWere I'm asking you mate. I wasn't insulting you. I like to watch your videos but just not on YouTube.

@ChrisWere I really didn't think my sentence wasn't nice. I apologize, for real.

Would you please create an account on a PeerTube instance so people like me can watch your great videos without being forced to use YouTube? And I'm asking you this with all due respect.

Thank you. Again, sorry if you felt I'm insulting you or your girlfriend. I did not intend to do so.

@arh @ChrisWere Tip: you can use invidious. There is also Privacy Redirect which automatically redirects youtube to it (among others).
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