One of the peripheral benefits of getting into is that I've rediscovered the joy of Rhythmbox on . It's a really nifty music player that embeds really nicely into the desktop environment.

@ChrisWere I agree. After discovering music through YouTube, I decided to support some artists (HVOB, Lorn) through Bandcamp and started using Rhythmbox, because that's what's included as default music player in a lot of distros (Solus, Ubuntu). It doesn't get a lot of love, but it's still a decent music player.

@ChrisWere I prefer Lollypop as my music player. Tis a beautiful application and works well with my big collection

@ChrisWere I've always preferred Lollypop (coz it's pretty and integrates well with GNOME), what do you prefer about Rhythmbox?

@ChrisWere Only thing I don't like about Rhythmbox is that it's sync feature doesn't work. Other than that I've been enjoying using it for almost a decade!

@ChrisWere Silly question: is there a way to listen to Bandcamp music through Rhythmbox? That’d be a pleasant surprise 😀

@rfb I don't think so, although that would be neat.
I just listen to the MP3s. Gives me a reason to retain the download, I suppose.

@ChrisWere Alright. I thought there was a plugin to listen to a Bandcamp stream directly.

Yes I know what you mean. In these times of closed streaming platforms, listening to music locally is still great

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