I hate printers on Linux. Even HP ones give me hell.

@ChrisWere Really? I think things have come a long way since the bad old days.

@mkwadee Not really. Printers on Linux have always been a pain for me.

@ChrisWere Interesting. My own experience seems to have been a lot less troublesome than yours, it seems.

@ChrisWere one of my ubuntu laptops lately automatically picked up our laserjet printer over our network, and worked out of the box. No drivers installed whatsoever

@blacklight447 @ChrisWere yeah me too. An old cannon as well as an hp were recognised and added flawlessly. 5.3 kernel.

@ChrisWere Eh... for my experience HP-s are especially painful on frankly any OS.

@ChrisWere yeah pity this is still true for a lot of printers. I'm using a brother dcp-j315w, which works fine over the network for printing, but I'm stick with using an sd card for transferring a simple scan to the pc. It might not be fair to blame my operating system for printer manufacturers reluctance to provide decent drivers, but it's sad that it is the way it is. :(

@ChrisWere I just hate printers in general. I've never seen one work reliably or easily on any system.

@ChrisWere Odd that you say that, I've had really good experiences in recent years. Then again, I run Linux Mint.

@ChrisWere printers in general are hateful and I'm sure every single one of them hates us back.

That said, I don't see many Linux specific problems, just "printers suck" type problems.

I bought an Epson inkjet. Works great with anything but I got a hotline to the ink refill place. My next printer will be a laser.

@ChrisWere it's not the linux part. it's printers. printers are evil.

@ChrisWere I was just poking fun at one of my friends as he got a new printer and he runs windows. I jokingly said I can go to the car grab my linux laptop and print before you even get the drivers installed. So he called me on it. I grabbed my laptop fired it up and found the printer and printed before he finished installing the driver that he had to go download.

@omnipotens @ChrisWere Care to share which distro was on the laptop? Ubuntu or a derivative like Mint?

@ChrisWere it's not Linux or printers, it's printer drivers, those binary blobs are giving you hell.

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