My first exclusive video on my PeerTube exclusive channel @fediversal

The Fediverse after three years - Welcome to Fediversal Studios

@ChrisWere @fediversal thanks Chris for your contribution. You're the reason I

@ChrisWere @fediversal reason I discovered LR and mastodon. Reminds me of communities I lost when bbs died :P

@ChrisWere @fediversal Just watched the vid Chris and I agree with the "federated networks only need to be big enough to be sustainable" though I feel that any alternatives to the monopolistic nature of our social mediaverse is good competition and needed competition. Life always finds a way!

@ChrisWere @fediversal

I enjoyed that, Chris. Thanks for the share. Please keep it up.

@ChrisWere @fediversal Great vid. I appreciate you going Fedi, I'm trying to get off yutube so I think it is valuable to have content there. Eventually I intend on leaving youtube (one day, its hard as learning python to get the info I want is there...) so if you didn't have vids elsewhere I may not find them.. :) :) :) :)

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