I would be thrilled to see a but for Medium posts.

I really HATE Medium.

That's an alternative to Medium, but what's asked for here, is basically a proxy for the Medium content. So, a way to access the content without going to the webpage.

@friend @ChrisWere Does Medium not work without JavaScript? If it does, just load the static page through a VPN.

@StaticallyTypedRice @friend Well, what I'd fundamentally like to do, is if I find an article on Medium which I wish to share, I'd like to be able to provide a link which doesn't subject people to the typical nonsense of that despicable platform.

@friend @ChrisWere You could also try Startpage's anonymous view feature which claims to make you mostly untrackable.

I'm usually fine by just switching on Firefox's Reader View. For privacy and such, it would of course still be nice.

@ChrisWere firefox' reader-mode makes it somewhat usable, but an automatic redirection would be neat.

Is there any addon to spawn it automatically on per domain basis?

Their way to force you to log in using #gafam accounts piss me off or #techcrunch that forces you to accept their cookies just make me mad ... So I don't use them anymore

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