Damn, Feedly have just jacked up their prices and reduced what they offer on their current 'Pro' tier.

Honestly, I thought £60ish a year was a lot for a RSS reader, but to get the same features I'm looking at £75ish now.

I also don't like the way they tried to slip it under the radar without telling me.

Does anyone know about any other good (non-self-hosted) RSS cloud services?


Would be cool with a RSS feed thing for nextcloud that you can sync with

Wouldn't be suprised if it exists

@ChrisWere It could be worth renting a VPS and trying a self-hosted solution. It would probably be cheaper and potentially fun.

@ChrisWere Nextcloud has a list of providers, many of which are actually free, but usually you have to pay to install an RSS extension

@ChrisWere is a self hosted RSS thing, and lives in a firefox addon.

@ChrisWere I've really enjoyed my NewsBlur subscription for years.

@ChrisWere I have used in the past. It is open source. The hosted version supports up to 64 sites/feeds in the free plan.

@vimal Thanks, that looks pretty great. $36 dollars a year is pretty reasonable for a a pro plan too.

@ChrisWere What if self-hosting were painless? I use FreshRSS on my #yunohost instance. Been very pleased with Yunohost for almost a year now

@ChrisWere Nothing on the Feedly blog yet, I wonder if the US price is going up too...

@ChrisWere just make a cron script that pulls RSS data and sends it to a gitlab repo. :linus:

@ChrisWere I used newsblur before I self hosted tiny tiny RSS. If you want an account on mine let me know. No cost and it will be up forever

@ChrisWere - it's open source, cloud hosted, has apps for iOS & android, much cheaper than Feedly (there's a free version also). Only downside is UI isn't as visually appealing as Feedly.

@ChrisWere Hi Chris, sorry for this confusion, just to make sure, we're not removing ANY features for you, what you had before in your Pro version will stay forever. The new features and plans are only valid for new users. Maybe the flow is not easy to understand so we're clarifying it right now. You're not losing any of your features.

@feedly To be honest, it's not much of a reassurance.

1) I'd imagine any new features coming down the pipeline are going straight to the upper tiers.

2) I'll be seeing that distracting 'upgrade' button in the corner of my window going forward.

3) It gives me the distinct impression that you're trying to charge as much as people will pay for, while providing the minimum you can get away with.

I wouldn't mind so much if Feedly was already a bargain, but it's the priciest of the RSS services.


1) Not in all cases. Yes, all Leo new skills will be only part of Pro+ and Business, but other features and improvements will be added to Pro tier too.

2) You won't, we're going to add a preference knob to remove it if you don't see the value in Pro+ and don't want to upgrade


3) Not sure why you feel this way? Running Leo (the AI assistant) costs around $50/year/user so we can't offer it in the Pro version. The goal of Leo is to save you a lot of time and it should be worth. If not, you don't need Leo and Pro will be a good plan to stay on.

The price might be higher than other alternative products, we're here for the long run and want to stay sustainable to deliver feature requests from our customers, not shareholders.

@feedly Thanks for taking the time to chat about my concerns. I do appreciate it.

I'll wait and see how this pans out.

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