What if next week, @ChrisWere post a opinionated video and @HexDSL post a video response!

@ChrisWere is this video going up on another platform than youtube?

There one thing left out, a good port today will most probably turn into a bad one in 2 years. Wine is like a console emulator, compatible for a long time.

I can think Microsoft could fork wine to run software in Windows 10.

There is so much demand for good coders and limited people, challenge of these years I guess...


@benoitj @ChrisWere @HexDSL Wine maybe, but not proton. I had games that works wine + steam, but not with proton.
I like wine because they are a digital preservation project basically (with dosbox). I read many people can't run older stuff on Windows 10, while we don't have problem with wine on Linux to run the same software.
Also the less we rely on Microsoft's tech, the better. But to be honest nobody forces developers to use native technology. Just look at popular card games like Hearthstone or Magic Arena. Both made with Unity and they will never have Linux version, because they just simple don't want to invest in native Linux gaming.
Like it or not, todays Linux gaming is mostly "Windows gaming on Linux". Steam/Valve failed in their attempt (remember Rocket League and the delayed release?).

@emergencyexit I have the perception that proton is like without the community scripting. It's still wine, dxvk/d9vk with tweaks.
Maybe less true now.

Valve failed to get native games, I'm thinking they did succeed by changing strategy. I stopped using linux years ago at home due to gaming. I tried gaming on linux 2 years ago with wine, pol, and now lutris, or steam play if it works. I think we are all winning.

@ChrisWere @HexDSL

@benoitj @emergencyexit @HexDSL Whatever way you slice it, we've got plenty of games to choose from on . Things are good and devs have less work to do.

I think WINE/Proton is the best strategy. The "windows gaming on Linux" perspective is perfectly fine by me.

@ChrisWere @benoitj @HexDSL If a game has no support for Proton, then it probably won't always work. We should ask gamedevs for Linux support if they can.

I played bunch of Blizzard games in the past 5 years, and I had to pray for them to work after every update, because they sometimes changed to much. MTGA the same. League of Legends the same.

I like using Wine for older and newer games too. I don't want to limit my experience in gaming, especially since I am a patientgamer who sometimes plays games a decade later.

But a native Linux game is always a better option, since you can cut out 3rd party, and Microsoft tech mostly.
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