I still maintain that vague-booking is one of the most irritating things on social media.

@ChrisWere does that term apply outside the context of facebook?

@mrb Yup. I don't think I've ever come across a platform where it doesn't happen.

@mrb vague-posting ? @ChrisWere

And yeah, it's stupid and annoying.

@ChrisWere Yea, it can sound like the real-life equivalent of muttering complaints into your chin.


@ChrisWere Vague-booking is the act of posting a status update about a specific thing or person but providing absolutely no details as to who they are or what the thing might be. (I had to look it up).

@nergal @ChrisWere Maybe. :) While vague-booking is annoying, it’s also difficult to explain everything always in detail in a post. Especially when using new/jargon concepts/words. Some vague-booking might be intentional out of laziness, some by accident appearing in the speediness of posting. I was completely clueless and had to read up about vague-booking and don’t mind doing that. And could not resist ‘inceptionally’ posting the explanation...

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