Damn this song is powerful stuff. The international metal scene is unstoppable.


Here is also some weird metal called maximum the hormone, this one it's about how the guitarist got thin and it seems it wasnt such a healthy transition either, maybe? Idk japanese

There is some super korean pop stuff in it which is super hilarious hahah
at 2:39 and 4:17 heheh

@ChrisTalleras @ChrisWere

A bit too much early Korn for me, but I do know someone who may like it, @mdbekhit ?

@ohyran @ChrisTalleras @ChrisWere

Haha their music is nothing like Korn.

MTH are really good. I like their songs, especially the bass lines. Their bassist is extremely talented.

@mdbekhit @ohyran @ChrisWere

Yeah, that was what I was thinking too. I also like how they dont take themselves too seriously heheh

@mdbekhit @ChrisTalleras @ChrisWere

Here I go trying to be helpful and I get mercilessly mocked by you two ;)

@ChrisWere this and Mexican Death Metal are amazing subgenres of Metal.

Metal will never die 🤘🤘

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