I've put my new podcast onto its own channel @podcastchronicle
You can subscribe to the RSS as well as the through the .

@ChrisWere Would you consider possibly uploading it to FunkWhale? Just like PeerTube, it looks like it has a lot of potential and would benefit from content like that.

@tomat0 I would certainly consider it, if there were a funkwhale instance that would have me, but it's a pretty terrible podcast if I'm honest, lol.

@tomat0 If I'm invited, I'll think about it, but this is a low-key project that isn't designed to be that good, or for mass consumption

I wouldn't want to publish it in places where it might get in the way of actual good content getting discovered.

@ChrisWere that's fair, i'm just confused since is open registration.

@tomat0 It's open registration but it doesn't automatically give you uploading privileges.

@tomat0 That being said, after 10 or so episodes, if I feel we have the demand, I'll probably revisit the decision.

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