I've been giving some serious thought to deleting my channel on Bitchute.

There's a lot of racism, hate and anti-intellectualism over there and it makes me question whether it's a suitable home for my videos.

I'd be interested in what you folks think about it. I'd still publish to PeerTube of course.

I feel like that kinda stuff is unavoidable in most online communities. I post my content, and honestly just try to ignore it.

@ChrisWere I used to watch your videos there but that's really the only thing I found worth watching there. This thingy is much nicer.
Good riddance bitchute, no one shall miss ya!

@ChrisWere Oh, so it's not intended for that kind of content? I thought so, that's why I haven't even visited the website.


I'd argue that you make the platform at least a little better 😁 . I think abondoning it is better than deleting it though.

Unless you don't want give reasons to use the platform for people which might make it worthwhile to delete the stuff.

@ChrisTalleras My content is released under CC, so there would be nothing to stop others re-posting it there.

I did also consider removing the comments section, so it would just be a video repository. They use Discus so it's not exactly privacy respecting.


If someone else repost you don't have to deal with the upkeep of them and all that stuff

So maybe that is more preferable to you? + it gives people oppertunity to utilize the free culture licence which is great!

@ChrisTalleras The site auto-mirrors my YouTube channel so it's not so much an issue of maintenance.

@ChrisWere I don;t know about Bitchute, but as a general rule move away from sites tolerating hateful content and towards sites which are well governed. Otherwise you only end up lending your credibility by association to people with bad intentions.

@ChrisWere sooner or later, Thames Valley Police is going to take an interest in a platform like Bitchute. You may not want to be around such a place when that happens..

(BTW I spent nearly 30 years of my life living in Reading and being involved in various underground activities like raves, so I have personal experience of how TVP deal with "fringe social movements"- they are not always "heavy" but quite intensive with the surveillance)

@ChrisWere i believe in free speech, and i don't want to use any platfortm that engages in censorship. bitchute still censors people. however, if there isn't racist morons spewing ignorance on the platform, then it isn't a censorship free pro-freespeech platform, so it sucks and i will boycott it. the quality of freedom a platform allows can be directly guaged by observing if they allow racists and idiots to have rights too. if theres racists allowed to speak, then i support the platform, even though i disagree with racism completely.

@ChrisWere i've seen similar issues around. LBRY feels like an interesting possible avenue but of course some of the first people there are people who got thrown off of major platforms for being toxic. Tough call to believe in the tech but see the community it platforms be so awful. Might be worth posting it anyway just to add positive voices into the mix, but if you didn't want to associate with any of that it'd be understandable.

@ChrisWere I suppose the most negative thing I continue to see about distributed content is the lack of peers available and not being able to view something because of it. If you make people work too hard to watch I have to imagine it would produce a negative outcome. Is self-hosting a possibility? Maybe there aren't any perfect solutions at this point.

@ericadams Between YouTube and PeerTube, I'm happy enough with the visibility of my videos.

Nowadays, I just make content because it's my passion. I'm much less concerned about views than I used to be.

@ChrisWere Fair enough. Sounds like you have it figured out. 👍

@ChrisWere Never used Bitchute myself, depends on how many people actually watch on their, If It's higher then the PeerTube views I would keep It

@Main_Tomato I do get more views of Bitchute than PeerTube, but that's not really relevant to me. I'm much less concerned about views these days, than used to.

@ChrisWere Looking at the comment section on your lasted Bitchute video It doesn't seem that toxic, If you don't want to involve yourself In the community I recommend pushing PeerTube In your videos until most of them move over. PeerTube seems like a more friendly and ethical platform anyway.

Looks like the only reason people are viewing on their Is because It's not YouTube.

@ChrisWere you have a Bitchute account? I've never of the service, let alone you having an account there 😎

@ChrisWere one part of my brain wants top look at bit chute because its a nice protocol. The other part just sees a garden of shit.

If you had a public relations advisor, they would tell you to respect people's irrational side and keep away.

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