What game should I stream tonight?

@ChrisWere What are you using to stream to multiple services at once? I'm using, but there might be more possibilities.
Also I'm wondering as there is a 24h exclusivity thing with twitch when you are affiliated. Or do you know how to circumvent this?

@Corben78 I use too. I can't say I'm aware of any alternatives.

I asked Twitch to be de-affiliated so that I could multi-stream.

@ChrisWere @Corben78 What happened to any existing revenue you had in your account? I was thinking about doing the same thing.

@hamishtpb Since it was under the $100 threshold, Amazon just kept it.

@ChrisWere That's what I was afraid of. The subs are not so big a deal but the bits people sent in good faith directly should not be taken back.

@ChrisWere Do you like to play old Nintendo games like Zelda or Mario?

@alex They're not really my jam. I think the only consoles I've really played on are PS2 and XBOX.

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