Damn, YouTube has not let me log into my account since the weekend. I hope whatever is causing that 500 internal server error is fixed soon.

@ChrisWere πŸ˜”
Too bad you couldn't support yourself with YouTube

@ChrisWere did they ever fix your issue? I've woken up to find my channel no longer shows videos and refuses to let people watch anything even if they have links and even though everything is set to public.

At least I can still access my account I suppose =\

@Sk4zZi0uS No, they didn't. I managed to find out that it was an anti-spam measure that kicked in for some reason, but in the end I managed to wrestle my channels from the account. An awkward situation but I managed to find a work around.

@ChrisWere it's pretty terrible that they didn't solve the issue though =\

I may have to find a way to pull all of my data off YouTube and find somewhere else to put it...

Congrats getting your stuff/data back.

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