What game should I play on stream later?

It'll be on:

...and for anyone who's wondering, if a GTA game is selected, I WILL be playing with the full radio soundtrack on.

@ChrisWere I thought doing a multiple stream was against Twitch's TOS? As Twitch want unique content.

@ChrisWere *just read and yup, it's against Twitch's TOS to stream to Twitch and somewhere else at the same time if you're an Affiliate, just FYI

@gamingonlinux Yeah, I'm in the process of leaving the program. It's harder than you'd think though.

@gamingonlinux If you want to leave, you have to email support and wait from them to get back.

I always have trouble running VtMB with the unoffical patch + extras on Linux. Lost animations and freezing.

@Jaxseven I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. It's always run well for me.
Well, as well as VtMB can run, lol.

@ChrisWere Are you running the GoG through Lutris or the Steam version through Proton? I swear there's some special sauce Valve has for Proton.

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