I'm really saddened to see how many of my friends have left the in recent months, mostly due to various dramas.

Honestly, if I wasn't on a pretty terrific instance I'd have joined them too.

@Gargron I would say it's more to do with the frequency of the drama as well as how vitriolic people can be about it all.

It's not so much an exodus but rather just people drifting away over time.

In short, they just don't have fun here any more.

For what its worth I can second that. I have seen many people leave due to drama and myself witnessed a higher tendency for drama int he fediverse than other mediums.

I think we all remember the Wil Wheaton drama as an example. I was in touch with him during and after and it was just horrible what the fediverse did to him for non-offenses.


Indeed, he was a good guy. Did my best to stick up for him and make him feel welcome. He showed his appreciation for that but you cant fight a tsunami I guess.


@ChrisWere The fediverse is a very heated place, I think you have to get used to that and avoid it where you can. There's no point fretting over it. Just look for the people on here who are doing great things.

@ChrisWere Yeah, same here. If I wasn't on Fosstodon, I would have probably left as well. What gets to me is not even the discussions being had as much as how so many people are shouting at each other about how the issue at hand separates people into the 2 distinct categories of

people who are good

people who don't deserve to live and should be treated like garbage

It's painful to see people being so awful to each other

I think this problem increases because they're against one grup of hate but not censoring the another group that spreads hate.
In my opinion, freedom of speech exists for a reason and I can't believe in a community where we spread liberty can be so against liberty of others based on political beliefs.
Seriously if you don't like what they say just don't read them, but blocking certain people is against free software and can be a hate crime.

I think you may have mistaken my post as an opinion on the gab issue. I'm saying that arguments on both sides of the, GNOME and gab issues have involved people saying really nasty hate-filled things to each other that make me reconsider hanging around on Mastodon. However, the awesome community on Fosstodon will definitely keep me here.

I'm not talking about whether or not people can or cannot say things, just whether I want to be around to hear people say them.

I was answering at the part you feel there's two groups, and I feel each group consider the other in that way and i feel really bad on how certain toxic behavior is permitted and other isn't in a free platform.
I was happy with fosstodon but when i saw their coc i ditched the server very fast, because they don't allow users to speak on another language than english and i natively speak another two languages and I consider that some sort of English supremacism i won't allow.

@Alderaeney I see. That makes more sense.

As for Fosstodon's English only decision, the purpose is about not having people who can moderate other languages rather than thinking English is superior:

I tend to feel the same. I'm fascinated by the underlying protocols that make the fediverse work, but people are just people and behave the same way regardless which social network they are on.

@ChrisWere The is not for everyone. For some of my friends its open nature and freedom felt more like being lost and they left after a while. For some even the concept of having to choose an instance was too weird. And honestly, i enjoy the fact that it creates a niche of more interesting people.

@ChrisWere most of us are still around. I just tend to go quiet when drama start. I'm too old for that

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