I've updated my blog for the first time in 2019. I talk about raw HTML+CSS's effectiveness to put together a blog without a clunky CMS.

@ChrisWere Looks great! I am doing a similar thing. I got around the RSS and ungainlyness issues by using Kotlin's HTML and CSS DSLs instead of coding it directly by hand, but this just gives some code reusability and ability to write the RSS XML using a library, while still staying close to HTML and CSS. the code runs as part of the build to output the raw html files, like a home grown site generator. check it out:

@ChrisWere Also, I have an article / presentation about this idea. would you mind if I paraphrase some of your pros + cons into my presentation, if I follow it up with a link back to your site?

@wakingrufus Go ahead, use whatever you wish, I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.

@ChrisWere I can't emphasize how much I hate websites with anything more than HTML+CSS... Here is a great website to look at:

Did you mean ?
If I remember correctly at least this one does not include Google analytics while promoting some kind of minimalist / brutalist design.

I'm getting a page not found! While considering a blog creation 😢

@Sylphox @ChrisWere
And I just remember a less agressive website that push toward this direction :

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