So Family Tree DNA has been working with the FBI.

I can't say I'm surprised, I suppose with things like the Patriot Act it was basically inevitable.

I wish people would think more critically before handing over their DNA to for-profit companies, or anybody for that matter.

The Government has my DNA on file, thanks to the Military. However, that was inevitable. What I don't want is a company to use my DNA for profit motives.

@ChrisWere I read it's "open-source" though. Meaning it is gratis and voluntary??? 🤷

Open source in software gets flaunted lots. In any other field it would be analogous to community-driven or community built. But here in software, it is about building suicide machines that others kill you with... Google is doing it for drones, Family Tree is doing it for "nature vs nurture". I see a trend forming! Next, we will have drones executing "generational curses"...

@ChrisWere on a more serious note, now they can identify whos kids has commited future crimes from the relational data.

@ChrisWere This feels like It should be common sense, I guess 99% of the population doesn't have that

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