A lot of people use Kevin MacLeod on videos because his music is all available under CC By (and he specifically says commercial use is ok including monetised videos).

I don't know if this is exactly what you want though as it's usually used for background or title music:



@switchingsocial Yeah, a lot of people have been recommending Kevin MacLeod, but I'm looking more for songs rather than just background music.


Jamendo is CC music, the licences are included with each track, and many of them allow commercial use. They're just difficult to filter by licence type, the site has removed the old advanced filter :(

The intro to the site where they claim you need to pay for commercial use is sort of a bluff... it only applies to tracks with an NC licence.

@switchingsocial It seems filtering is at the core of my problem. There are artists scattered about who release their music under suitable licences, but it's just matter of finding them.

@switchingsocial @ChrisWere ccmixter.org is another site with tons of original #creativecommons music and remixes of those, in case it wasn't mentioned yet.

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