I'm going to start more aggressively unfollowing/muting people who participate and/or fuel drama. Life's to short for that kind of thing.

@ChrisWere the exact reason I killed fb and twitter. I’m much happier for it! I also tend not to go near the fed timeline for the same reason.

As you say, Chris, life’s too short.

@ChrisWere I'm even less condescending towards those subtooting actual drama as it unfolds (like, I saw a few toots subtly complaining about Gargron and some new feature appeared on . social)

@ChrisWere Hope I'm not one of them people, I do vent a lot but I don't get involved with petty drama. I haven't really seen any drama on Mastodon yet tbh :blob_grinning_sweat:

@Main_Tomato Nah, you're good. Generally I'm thinking of people who participate in dog-piling, subtooting or just a vitriolic attitude to people they don't really know.

Venting is something we all enjoy doing from time to time.

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