The has been around for over ten years. I'm always reminded of that fact when people claim it'll never last.

It's weird how people seem to think the Fediverse didn't exist before they found out about it.

@ChrisWere Also, decentralised social networks existed even before the Internet (Usenet, email)

@ChrisWere sure a lot of people still don’t think the earth existed before humans so maybe we shouldn’t be all that surprised

XMPP (20 years) and Email (~40 years) are also federated and IMO each forms a kind of #fediverse.

@ChrisWere I think that's because these people get attracted to alternative things by reports from mass media and think that no media attention means not existing.

@le_ArthurDent @ChrisWere Yep. Most people are used to judge using this optic. And in predominantly ad-powered business space, they'd be right. It wouldn't last without (media) attention.

@ChrisWere I'm dropping a USB modem on my home phone soon to get back to a BBS. A ton of people on here are running gopher servers. Tech never really dies.

@ChrisWere I actually used to host a one man GNU Social instance a long time ago (well, long in internet years).

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