Oh wow, could we see make it's way to ? That'll certainly make things interesting.

@ChrisWere oh, i've done that before on windows 10 with firefox

@ChrisWere New to the Linux world, but sounds like if developers make Flatpaks for windows that means it'll work on Linux then too? That's awesome!

@Fenrir It would be pretty awesome if Flatpaks became the ultimate cross platform package format.

@ChrisWere @Fenrir
Could gamedevs package their games and eventually have one flatpack that would be cross plateforme ? I have not done my homework on flatpack yet. But could this technically be possible ?

@manulfk @Fenrir If not now, maybe in the future? Who knows what the potential is here. It all looks good though.

@matt @ChrisWere @Fenrir now you just got me worked up. Although I would like to see proton/dxvk evolve as far as possible as well.

@matt @ChrisWere @Fenrir
The only way this wouldn't move forward would be a big ol cockblock from Sony/Microsoft as this would put an end to the platform exclusive BS.
I didn't took the time to setup flatpack yet on my rig but I'll look into that with a lot more interest now.

@manulfk @ChrisWere @Fenrir I should clarify that there *are* games that are packaged up as Flatpaks, and work just fine.

Just on the open source front, you have SuperTux, SuperTuxKart, various emulators, 0 A.D., Freedoom, and Xonotic.

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