Today I learned that certain video game speedrunners (who shall not be named) add "placebo" steps into their runs; small but pointless steps that don't actually help with the overall run.

This is so they know when others have lifted their methods directly. Pretty nifty I think.

It's like the gaming version of paper towns. Towns on maps that don't exist in reality so that cartographers can tell when their maps have been lifted and copied.

@ChrisWere Wait, don't most speedrunners post guides to how to do their speedruns to help others get into the hobby?

@Canageek Yes, very much so. The spirit of it is, that it's more like a secret signature than anything to catch anyone out.

@ChrisWere Certain speedrunners who probably _should_ be named.

Signature strats like this feel very opposed to what speedrunning should be about: reaching ones personal best, and encouraging others to do the same.

There's enough barriers to speedrunning as-is; making new runners jump through pointless hoops on top of all that feels tastelsss at best, and downright destructive at worst...

@not_on_pizza How does it raise the barrier to entry? I'm not sure I understand.

@ChrisWere Having to learn extra pointless steps that don't actually help?

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