*slaps roof of a downtown area* this bad boy can fit so many French restaurants in it

This toot went viral! Thank you guys.

Id like to use this opportunity to push my Soundcloud soundcloud.com/ChrisWere

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Remember folks, if you don't sin, then Jesus died for nothing.

If greedy game publishers can call the same games "quadruple A" titles now, then I think porn games should be able to call themselves "sextuple X". πŸ€”

Did you know that you can now link your account to #GitHub and #GitLab.com (fully optional)? This allows to assign migrated content to your account and a quick login via M$ GH.

- register a normal account (if not already done)
- click the "Link Account" section on the sign in page
- authorize Codeberg via a third-party service
β†’ migrated content from these platforms will be linked to your account
β†’ you can now login via these services, too (Warning: they will learn about each login)

It's only sex if it happens in one of those -sex places in England, otherwise it's just sparkling acrobatics.

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Wow, Cinnamon panels are really intuitive on multi-monitor setups.

So far the desktop client I having the best time with is Fractal.

It's a shame that all these matrix clients seem to be distributed by Snap/Flatpak. I'd love AppImages as an option if we had to go down the container route.

I just hope that as time goes on, more Matrix desktop clients make it to distro's proper repos.

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