There is a new feature in NeoChat, the @matrix client. Now you can directly reply or add reactions to a message from a menu that appears on hover.

Content warnings on Mastodon are useful, but they can make threads difficult to read as messages have to be opened one by one.

βœ… You can open all messages in a content warning thread by clicking on the πŸ‘οΈ icon in the top right corner of the thread. (You can close them by clicking it again.)

Alternatively, you can set CW threads to be open by default by going to Preferences > Appearance > Always Expand Toots Marked With Content Warnings

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #ContentWarnings #CW

#HedgeDoc isn't built by paid team. It's all done by people who enjoy working on something useful for the community. And when we can do that, you can do too.

Want to implement a feature? Check our development room on Matrix or open a PR on GitHub.

You think programming is boring? Check the community chat if someone needs help or the translation page to bring HedgeDoc to your native tongue.

All not for you? Maybe writing nonsense on Mastodon is more like your taste? Take on social media.πŸ˜‰ /sh

In case you missed it, #CodiMD (my favourite collaborative tool for Markdown writing and code sharing) has been renamed to #HedgeDoc (with a cute new logo). You can find this beautiful, healthy #FLOSS project on the fediverse: @hedgedoc

One example of how good the team is: I submitted a feature request for a size picker to create tables, and a pull request was submitted... 2 days later: πŸ’š

And you can also find that bunch of helpful people on Matrix.

Which chat service/protocol do you prefer? #matrix or #xmpp
Boosts appreciated

We're recording an episode of right now! Come join us Patrons! The link to watch and join us in the Patron Postshow is on Patreon and Sponsus. Not a patron yet? Go to to get access to the & shenanigans! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

I am here because I love Gnu/Linux and its philosophy. I am using it since I have installed it on my first computer in 1998. I used to buy computer magazines and they used to have program CDs or Floppies. One day I saw a program called Slackware Linux and it changed my life. #introductions

Another good place to find Fediverse videos is the PeerTube search engine SepiaSearch:

@cwebber It sounds like they're heading to a situation where you could only sign into a Google account with Chrome or Firefox, with javascript enabled and no proxying (which would rule out things like Tor browser).

I've been degoogling for a decade, and YouTube is the only thing of theirs which I still use with any regularity. The more they try to become Microsoft the more incentive there will be to use other things.

Um um um um ummmmm... is this what it sounds like? Google is blocking browsers it doesn't "approve" of... apparently just letting in Firefox and Chrome?

The web as an open standards platform is rapidly falling apart. :\

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