Big thanks to @lgehr @gmate8 and @ponytail for suggesting Organic Maps. It's exactly what I need in a map app. You folks are the best!

OSMand seems to be behaving itself now. I'm gonna run with it for a while. If it gives me issues, I can pop open another map in a browser.

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Oh man, the Open Street Maps mobile app is pretty poor.
It's convinced I'm 10 miles away at a camp site for some reason.
The online website is pretty okay though.

#Lagrange v1.5.2 is available:

This patch contains various small tweaks:
- fixed importing certs via Ctrl/Cmd+V
- workaround for decomposited Unicode characters
- StartupWMClass in .desktop file
- recognize a couple new custom link icons
- more Smol Emoji


Spicy hot take 

The word 'committee' has too many letters in it.

A lot of it is fear of the unknown.
I installed Linux on the computer at my local credit union about 20 years ago and they've been happily using Linux ever since, on both their desktops & their servers.

Do they actually know anything about Linux? No, they just use it everyday, but they have no technical knowledge of it at all.

It's just another piece of software to them. All they know, is that it's cheaper and really reliable.

And that's how it should be.

Guide to getting started on the fedi.

1. Make an account on Mastodon or Plemora because that's what everyone uses.

2. Go into the "Federated" or "Known Timeline" and follow anyone that seems interesting.

3. Talk to people.

4. Shitpost

5. Repeat steps 2-4

M'aiq does not remember his childhood, perhaps he never had one.

What do we want? Have everyone move to #Codeberg?
No, but it should just be okay not to be on #GitHub or #GitLab!

We're proud to offer an alternative to those who care, and thankful to everyone who joins us and other free Git hosters. You rock!

Can't deny, this one made me chuckle.

"onece upon a time there was a lemon and banana
banana said to lemon people squiz you and eat
lemon said yeh well people make you naked and eat"

@sotolf @hund People seem to have forgotten the principle of progressive enhancement. Build your website so simple that it works with a console based browser. Then ask yourself where you need to add Javascript in order to functionally enhance your website. But at the same time remember that your website should not break or display a white page if someone has blocked your sparsely added Javascript.

Thanks for coming to my #webdev101 Ted Talk. :)

Typing up a story and I spotted a typo where I wrote "Shite Hall" instead of "Shire Hall".
Glad I spotted that one.

*slaps roof of the universe* this bad boy can fit so many moons in it

*slaps roof of love* this bad boy can fit so many humans in it

@aral Twitter is actually an anti-social network because it refuses to speak with #fediverse instances.

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