I must admit I hate visible watermarks in photos. They are not only easy to remove (AI-based tools like in Adobe Photoshop usually do a very good job in such cases), but also spoil most images.

In addition, copyright information can also be stored in the meta data of an image (and is equally easy to remove there). If someone wants to steal your picture, he does so.. the ugly watermark won't stop them.

Chris Were's PeerTube channel is an entertaining collection of videos about Linux, FOSS, computing, gaming and sometimes other stuff. You can follow the channel at:

➑️ @chriswere

(Also, if you want to browse the videos in the full PeerTube interface, try going to share.tube/accounts/chriswere/ )

Chris has Mastodon accounts for non-video posts at:

➑️ @ChrisWere (computing stuff) & @ChrisWere (non-computing stuff)

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Just a reminder for all sites which use CAPTCHAs.

This one exists and is probably less annoying for your users. friendlycaptcha.com/

@chriswere @ChrisWere Nice video, Chris. I really like Firefox, and I think I never understood all the hype about chromium-based browsers. I'm definitely giving #LibreWolf a try in the near future. Cheers, mate!

Mild gripe 

It always mildly irks me that whenever I cover a neat little software project from the community, there's always someone who's got to exclaim why said project is crap and shouldn't exist.

I guess it makes them feel smart, but I wish these people knew how tiresome they are.

If you don't believe in yourself, I'll believe in you until you will too.

So what's the identity of Instagram these days? Some kind of monster?

Snapchat clone βœ…
YouTube clone βœ…
TikTok clone βœ…
Creativity 🧐
Originality 🧐
Soul 🧐


Dear Internet, those of you interested in using the #raspberrypi as a desktop replacement, which audio πŸ”‰ interface do you use?

A reminder of why I think deleting old posts on social media is important: "I don’t think they have much value going back months and years. I never read through years of tweeting history! This only benefits your enemies, never your friends." alexschroeder.ch/wiki/2017-04-

New video!
I chat a little about LibreWolf, a 'freer' browser based on Firefox.

True story 

I intended to type the word 'nice' into my phone. The phone decided to correct it to the word 'Microsoft'.

I must now burn my phone.

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