I've been giving :fedora: a whirl on Gnome Boxes and I must say I'm impressed with both Fedora 28 and Gnome Boxes.

I still reserve that Fedora has the best Gnome implementation and one of the best balances between free software and day-to-day usability.

Friendica, the federated open source alternative to Facebook, has just released its 2018.09 update:


The 2018.12 update (due by the end of the year) will apparently include #ActivityPub support :blobcheer: :blobaww: :blobgrin:

You can try Friendica out right now on instances such as squeet.me, libranet.de, nerdica.net and others:

You can also follow the Friendica blog at @news


How is Gnome Boxes? I've not used it yet myself, but I hear a lot of good things.

Intending to write about The Gardens Between. Not got very far yet, clearly.

bspwm, ranger, vim, termite, qutebrowser and jekyll doing its thing.

Beginning to rice up my laptop. Got a long ways to go. Its still fairly vanilla Kubuntu as far as theming goes.

ZFS on Linux FTW.

The point of social media is to create a fun space to hang out online, and that includes incorporating fun things to play with and mechanisms that make things more comfortable. That's why custom emoji and content warnings are so successful, they make the space nicer to be in

Since my desktop hasn't changed in the past few weeks, for this I decided to give a peek at my Steam library, plus showing a new favorite app for planning out my videos: Minder.

It's made for elementary, but you can find it here: github.com/phase1geo/minder/

Isn't it screenshot Sunday? Not much has changed over here, still rocking Fedora Xfce. Interestingly, I almost always find myself logging into Xfce instead of i3. I honestly didn't expect that to happen.

Been looking into the indie gaming scene on itch.io, etc. – so very awesome. Exactly what we need in the non-gaming side of tech also (including platforms that let independents make a living… which is why Elementary’s store is so great…)

Anyway, just stumbled on this tiny game called Afterlife, made with the Construct 3 engine (you’ll finish it in a few minutes). So cute! :)



1. Xubuntu
2. Lubuntu
3. Ubuntu
4. Mac
5. Manjaro

I've only tried a few others, but I'm hoping to try Solus OS soon.

While on distro-talk: I set my mom up with , dual booting on her Macbook, and she loves it, and uses it for most of her computing. She says the interface runs well and was easy to navigate and figure out. That says great things about Ubuntu Mate, and I'm proud of her for going for it, even though she's not a techie.

@mooshoe Font Squirrel is good and I believe ALL their fonts use open licenses that can be use for any purpose.


Joining the bandwagon

1. Arch
2. Debian
3. Alpine
4. Centos
5. Gentoo

1. Mate
2. Gnome
3. Cwm
4. Lxqt
5. Kde

1. Vim
2. Ncdu
3. Curl
4. Rofi
5. gcc 😂

Because I feel like it:

1. C
2. Cpp
3. Python
4. Golang
5. Posix shell(sorta)

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