Sweet finally got around to setting up the hardware to capture another device from my computer without relying on the OBS preview

I just realized I'm 15 videos ahead in my scheduling, I have a problem

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Hey @ScottMorrisonMP@twitter.com if I start making terrible content locked behind paywalls that gets no clicks because it sucks could you please make Google pay me anyway?

Just wanna make sure me and Rupert get the same deal

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Thanks for having me on! It was a really epic experience. I encourage everyone to go check out the episode and the rest of the podcast too! twitter.com/TechOverTeaShow/st

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Why does the Australian government put me in a position where I have to side with Facebook of all companies

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Facebook have removed all news pages in Australia:

I can't blame them really, the new law is effectively extortion.

Shame it had to impact the small players though even though the law was driven by the big media oligarchs.

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To all of the users it's very easy to download your vault and migrate over to @Bitwarden@twitter.com

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