what ever happened to the day of standard config files. Everything is going yaml and I cannot express enough how much I don't like yaml files and that seems to be all what I deal with daily.


@omnipotens How bad is it? I thought they were just key/value pairs ??

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@BradleySmall I just spent 45 minutes because I cut and pasted a config from a website and do to some space/tab formatting the file was not working properly for some reason no idea just a but frustrated now.

@omnipotens do you use Emacs yaml mode or the vim plugin for it? Or, any of the million online yaml formatter and pretty printers?

@omnipotens like yamllint or code beautifier? Crap like that can save you a whole lotta headache, especially with spacial indentation is syntactical :S

@BradleySmall It was a bare install of ubuntu not internet connected so basic vi

@omnipotens should be straight forward then, that has to be frustrating.

@omnipotens I hace found copy-paste, especially unreliable especially if it is from an email or other communication web app. There is this tendency to eat things like minus signs for n-dashes or n-dashes and " for some other weird character that may actually look the same and spaces getting converted to odd no printable characters. Sucks for dB, and code as well.

@omnipotens so was it just the spaces/tabs or were the - characters corrupted?

@BradleySmall no idea i went through the file removed them and re-added

@omnipotens if I have c&p and things go south, the first thing I look at are the - and " characters. There is no reason they have to screw with them but that tends to be the culprit most of the time :S

@BradleySmall well the dash is common I already use global replace automatically when I have stuff with dashes

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