@dasgeek I’m not sure I believe that those are the only two scenarios that there are. Your right in the fact that there is a left road where the companies could overtake Linux with their methods but I also strongly believe there is a way to welcome these proprietary companies and their software without allowing them to take our security and privacy as well.
Just my two cents

@ChrisWere thank you Chris for such a wonderful conversation. It was so good!

@Strit everybody should go listen or watch because you school me on Arm architecture. Your voice is fine, your answers are concise and i didn’t see a problem with you vocabulary. It was a great time!

If your having any issues with the Arch distro challenge this week, jump in the telegram group www.bigdaddylinux.com/telegram there are many people in there who have offered to help anyone who needs it including @ericadams @franksmcb@ubuntu.social @zmagnetbox

@tromino sorry I’m kind of late on a reply. Too many social media accounts to keep up with, but hey

@killyourfm one possible thing to consider is how well the admin handling the instance does on uptime, updates and outages. Linuxrocks.online well, rocks in that area. Just sayin

Have to get some sleep, up in a few hours for my flight to SELF

For having a cohesive look, it should be either dark or light. I prefer a dark theme but I understand your point about the difficulties for app devs as well.

Why would you want to go and get sick?
Hope you feel better soon

I so need to use mastodon more often and yes linuxrocks is the best, just sayin!
@TuxDigital @DestinationLinux

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