I deleted my github account. It didn't have much on it, but I'm cranky about companies consolidating and gobbling each other up into one giant frankenmegacorp.

I want the internet to be a network of villages with weird yurts and converted school buses, not a few highrises each with a zillion sterile apartments. It's a silly metaphor, but you know what I mean.

@cameron I love a silly metaphor :-)! I’ll take a treehouse, I think.

Sweet. If we're getting serious about details, I'm very torn between a treehouse and a houseboat. The Ewok village was my dream when I was 10...

@cameron Ohhh, definitely the tree huts over the houseboat for me. It could be because I grew up in the woods but I find the forest so cozy.


At least there is no chance of sinking while you sleep with a tree hut

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