Destination Linux | Episode 79: "Red Hat Ages Like A Fine WINE".

* The sheer scale of Ubuntu is mindblowing

* Kubuntu 18.04 users get Plasma 5.12.6

* Ubuntu minimal released

* ArcoLinux-D-B Gets 6.9 Kirk Release

* New Intel Spectre advisory

* Red Hat celebrates 25 year anniversary

* Another 25 year anniversary with Wine project.

+much more!

_ does a TON of work for the open source world. You've almost certainly seen and used something designed by him, or something based on it. He's behind the Suru, Moka, Faba, Paper, and Solus icons, and has contributed to elementary, GNOME, and other open source projects.

There are now almost 100 native apps in AppCenter! What are your top picks?

S11E14.5 – Fourteen and a Half Pound Budgie - Ubuntu Podcast

Our latest progress post is here! Check out Look & Feel changes coming to elementary OS 5 Juno:

Destination Linux | Episode72: "Chris Lamb of the Debian Project".

Chris Lamb is Debian Project's lead. A director at A freelance programmer. Active in the Reproducible Builds Organization. A contributor to 100’s of open source projects.

Debian has an incredible library of 51,000 different pieces of free software. ISS (international space station) apparently uses Debian Linux.


Destination Linux | Episode 67: "Martin Wimpress of Ubuntu Mate".

This chap is a passionate open source advocate, Linux enthusiast and Podcaster.

Lives in England. Works at Canonical in creation of Ubuntu &

A superb podcasting treat for friday from the Destination Linux team!

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Shout-out to all the developers working around the clock against Meltdown and Spectre <3

We finally made it to Mastodon!!
Might as well get a shameless plug in with our first post :)
Destination Linux EP52 - Coming Soon

Destination Linux EP45 - Sean Davis of Xubuntu

Welcome to Episode 45 of Destination Linux Today on the show we have a special guest from the Xfce development team Sean Davis = https://wi...

Hi all new here, recently switched from years of winblows abuse, now feeling the love of Linux under the hood of my now much better computer. I run Mint Cinnamon and like it a lot.

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