@renalcalculus Yeah. I found a couple numbers on thr side of the can I am looking at but neither of them turned up the color of the pain.

Ya know, the term "Zoomer" (talking about Gen Z) has a completely different meaning now. 🤔

@renalcalculus In addition to. Walmart paint just has a name on it. No numbers so far as I can see.

Paint cans should have the hex code for the color of paint inside on them.

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Weeb-y musings 

I hope I can learn Japanese one day. As a weeb, that would be really cool.

My experience learning programming languages and Spanish says it shouldn't be too hard.

My experience learning Chinese says not to push my luck.

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@OpenComputeDesign Yeah fair. Maybe getting a cheap smart watch with vibration support to make it more likely you will feel the notifications? A used Fitbit Blaze would probably do decent.

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Our Beta 2 ISO has been refreshed. DKMS issues for those with Nvidia graphics cards should be fixed.

We got any Debian packagers in the house? Trying to get something included in the Debian Archive and need a Mentor in order to get it going.

You can find the ITP in the Bug Tracker here: bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugrep

@Unairedspecifics Honestly, I think having both cards as an option would be ideal.

Personally, i do a lot of gaming and some occasional ARM64 development on the side. I don't want the incurred latency during gaming from running my games on a dedicated PCIe AMD64. So i would rather deal with the latency during ARM development

But, i see your point, and agree that having the AMD64 card as an option for ARM64 devices would be good.

Just discovered it's SUPER easy to flash Lineage OS onto my phone. SUPER tempted to do it.

@pea That's cool. Kinda reminds me of a radial-menu keyboard I had thought up for use with controlers, like Xbox, Playstation, or Switch.

So Spotify just decided to start playing music.

Its 2 AM here.

And my audio WAS NOT on mute. It was somewhere around 50%.

Seriously guys?

If anyone wants to check it out, I'll be streaming some development/debugging tomorrow at 8 PM EST (12 AM UTC) on @YouTube at youtu.be/HtXb-jC8KQQ

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Microsoft built its own package manager for Windows, Linux GUI apps and GPU hardware acceleration are coming to Windows 10, and DirectX is coming to WSL.

*looks up, checks for pigs flying*

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