Out of season Meme 

I don't know about decking someone's halls, but I might just jingle some bells so hard they break.

I'm sorry I'll go home now.

How to look like a hacker in front of your friends 

Type `sudo ls -aR /` on ALL your screens.

One of my favorite games from when I was little, running flawlessly on Linux.

Xevious (1982) on Ubuntu 19.10

Checking out Clear Linux for BDLL. Looking pretty nice with some heavy dark theme now.

Programming Tip 

You know those times it's like 3 AM and you have a great coding idea but don't want to get up and actually write the code or even psuedo-code? And you know you will forget by morning?

Legit just draw a basic diagram detailing how it works on a white board or on a peice of paper, take a pic and call it a night.

Something like in the picture.

Space Nerd Stuff 

These are videos from NASA of the Sun over the past 48 hours. They are both taken in different frequencies of UV light from a weather satellite orbiting Earth. Both are about 11 seconds long. 

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