@brandon I have ADD. That count since it's a subset of ADHD now?

@splatt9990 I would say it falls in a similar enough category, especially since a lot of the hyperactivity can present itself in mental or psychological form rather than physical

@Batcastle Of course! I'm trying to find my ADD/ADHD friends on here as I'm slowly moving towards getting treatment. Do you have any treatments or strategies that you've tried in the past?

DM Reply welcome if preferred

@brandon If you're open to medications, Focalin is a good alternative to Aderol. Less addictive. I took it for years as a child and had no major side affects. My mother can vouch for it's efficacy 😂

As far as strategies, there's a YouTube channel called "How to ADHD". The lady behind it REALLY GETS what having ADHD is like and provides great advice on how to handle life.

@Batcastle Definitely open to meds. The last one I had taken was Vyvanse but I didn't realize at the time that Caffeine was fucking with the efficacy in a weird way so I'll be trying that again when I see my doctor

I *love* How to ADHD, she's so caring and helpful and it shows that she's doing her best to break the stigma. I feel like she's a great ambassador for the mental condition

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