I still keep toying around with starting a linuxrocks rag chew (general chat) podcast. There are already tons of podcast that gives you news and reviews but I was thinking more of a random round table of whomever joins the live to tell stories, experiences, and random thoughts on Linux and Tech.

If we did who would join the conversation, who would listen. What audio platform to join in on like discord, mumble, etc.

@omnipotens I'd join. A good friend of mine, @amolith, has a Mumble server I'm sure he wouldn't mind us using.

@Batcastle @amolith LR already has a mumble server 😁 It just rarely gets used or promoted. Just like the xmpp server, the matrix server, hell even the peertube server however that seems to starting getting popular. Sure there is more that I am missing lol


@omnipotens lol. Fair. I figured Mumble was something more people were likely to have, due to it's use in gaming. And, those of us in the community who are more of FOSS Purists would probably be more open to joining since Mumble is FOSS if I remember correctly.

@Batcastle I am looking at jitsi right now. All they need to join is a url. Its open source and can self host. Thoughts?

@omnipotens That would work too. I have a thing against video/voice chatting in my browser since it looks/sounds much lower res than an actual client typically does (in my experience). But I would still join. The one time I used Jitsi it wasn't terrible.

@Batcastle well i don't have much experience but it's worth a go. I might be able to tie the two together via my mixer as long as my bandwidth at the house holds up for streaming then both back to the server. I have 3 computers each with 2 or more sound cards going back to the mixer so theoretically should be easy to dedicate each app to a channel. Might try if it's not to much of a pain.

@omnipotens That honestly sounds like a lot of work. I would just pick one app and run with it. It's your idea, so do whatever is best for you. I'm just along for the ride!

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