2020 IPad Pro + Magic Keyboard + Replace IPadOS with Linux = Awesome ultra-thin laptop?

@Batcastle Might be :D!
But I would still prefer a used Thinkpad because it's more durable and easier to maintain (and cheaper).

@Ghosty Sure, but older laptops are generally larger and heavier. I was looking at the IPad for its ultra thinness and light weight. Besides, an older Thinkpad wouldn't have a touchscreen.

@Batcastle That's true. If you want a well build, lightweight and touch capable device in an 800$ price range you should go with an iPad Pro. But it doesn't run Linux as far as I know :(.

@Batcastle When thinking about it: If it theoretically has Linux support I think it would have way inferior battery life compared to Apples iOS. Apple is known for shipping devices with fairly low spec hardware but with software that is overwhelmingly good optimized for the device so that it performs like or even better compared to the competition :).

@Ghosty Yeah but you also need to keep the ARM-based CPU in mind. It's going to sip battery in comparison to an AMD64 CPU. But you are definitely right about performance.

But, it's not meant to be a powerhouse. If I need power I can bring my gaming laptop, or SSH into my server. It's meant to be what I would use for normal word processing, surfing the web, editing code, stuff like that. Not compiling a Linux kernel or playing Fallout or anything.

@Batcastle Then it might be worth a try!
Are there any decent code editors (aside from the notes app ;P) for iOS out there yet? :)

@Ghosty Not that I know of. i refuse to use any software from Apple, and only have an old MacBook that runs a beta of Drauger OS. I use DCoder on Android and it has a web-interface so that may be an option in a pinch.

For now though, I'll just wait until the PineTab comes out. That's probably the closest option I'll have other than flashing Ubuntu Touch or something on a Samsung tablet.

@Batcastle Yes. And the PineTab has probably more distros to choose from because of the more FLOSS friendly hardware environment and community :).

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