Calling all distro maintainers.

Release your internal docs on how to build ISOs of your distro please.

Some of us NEED those docs.

@Batcastle Yep. Building your own iso from most Linux distros is a pain to do because no one thinks that the user wants to do that anyway :/.

@Ghosty Right. But this isn't about users. It's about other developers. Ubuntu has, for instance, a GPG key file in their ISO to ensure the contents haven't been tampered with.

I have no idea how to add this in a way that's actually useful so the only thing you get for Drauger OS is a separate MD5 file if you decide to download it.

@Ghosty EXACTLY. If Canonical, or some other distro maintainer, where to document their ISO build process and share it and the necessary code life would be much better and I could implement features like this.

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